Hi, I am Ramsha Bukhari. I am an Electrical engineer by qualification and pursuing software development as a full time career. I am currently working for an E-commerce based startup and my job description for last three years majorly covers up identifcation of data sources corresponding to functional business needs and the use of latest technologies to setup an infrastructure that makes possible the extraction, transformation and loading of large scale datasets from data sources that vary widely in type and scale.The end goal is to make available a large scale relevant and factual set of information that enables the decision making tier of a business to make well informed, factually sound and data backed startegies and decisions instead of trusting the hunch.If this doesn’t make any sense, Google likes to call these people ETL developers/Data Engineers.

Apart from this role, i have always been a teacher. I take teaching as a way of impacting a young mind to think about life in more meaningful and passionate way instead of a robotic or mechanical mindset. Mixing up life lessons with an engineering curriculum has never been an easy job but some of my students are still being connected to me even after years, they make good money and are visibly happy about life, so i take that as a success.

On a personal level, just like most of us, i am an ambivert.The tendency of leaning towards introversion increases if i am being faced with people who believe in taking life as it comes.The vice versa is possible if i am around people who are geniuenly passionate about life, talk with a shine in their eyes when they talk about stuff that excites them.

Ever since i made a shift from teaching towards practical software development, Google has been my best friend. There have been times when someone’s blog post saved the day for me when i was practically pulling out my hair after being stuck on something for days. I feel like the world of Internet has been a pool of information for me that i have been constantly tapping to make my way through a new career line.I have started this blog to give something back to the pool in a hope that some piece of information from my side might help some curious soul out there.

Besides, i am planning to use this space to write about the books that i read, photos that i take and thoughts that i feel are worth writing about. If any of this resonates with you, please feel free to reach out. I would love to look at the world with your perspective.

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